Weekly choir now finished

WORKSHOP FOR SATURDAY FEBRUARY 1ST Now Finished – A wonderful time was had by all.

Check with sarahjewells@hotmail.com or rob.songlines@gmail.com

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Sarah Jewell, our Musical Director, believes that a great song is a great song, regardless of its cultural provenance. We sing in many languages, styles and harmonies – music that is resonant, alive and relevant to us and the challenging world we live in.

Folk-based choral music, in contrast to a classical repertoire, is grounded more on the current concerns, natural abilities, personalities and circumstances of the people who make up the chorus, so a significant proportion of our music is composed specifically for the Songlines singers, citizens of this vibrant and diverse city.

Some of our repertoire is a capella but often, we are accompanied by superb professional musicians from the London world music scene who enjoy working with our innovative and exuberant blend of voices.


Our shows are often themed and unusually theatrical, reflecting Sarah’s original training as an actor/director. A central element of our repertoire is the setting of great poetry to music, showing an equal respect for the words and the tunes, which gives our performances an emotional depth and spiritual resonance that performers and audiences relish.

As a community we have travelled, toured, performed, recorded and partied together for nearly twenty years; some members joining at the outset, others joining us along the way. We are always open to welcoming new voices, and you will find a warm and encouraging environment to explore your own creativity and make some fantastic new music with us.


Any problems please contact Rob at rob.songlines@gmail.com