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This is our private area, not intended for public access. To protect Sarah’s copyright, please do not share your log-in with non-Songlines members without Sarah’s consent.

Passwords will change termly. Please keep a note of it somewhere!

This section contains MP3 files of songs we are working on. You can play MP3 files using Windows Media Player, which has come bundled with every PC I have ever met; yours is probably no exception. Having said that you can download it here . If you’re a

Mac user, you may have iTunes installed; if not, you can download it for free here.


Music files take up a lot of space and bandwidth, so please DOWNLOAD them to your own pc rather than listening to them from this site.


To download, RIGHT CLICK (or left click if you’re left handed and your mouse is set up that way) on the link and select “Save target as” and then save in your usual music files folder.


To download, CONTROL CLICK on the link and select “Download Linked File”, and then save where you like.