Some Samples of our Music

Some samples of our Music

These clips are taken from a CD that was made of our concerts at the Highgate United Reformed Church in July 2010.

Nga Iwi E! – A traditional Maori Anthem performed by the mixed Monday Choir

Hodja – A cover of a Todd Rungren number performed by the Wednesday choir.

On Westminster Bridge – The famous poem by Wordsworth, music by Sarah. (As featured on ‘Desert Island Discs’).

Para Noche –  A traditional Bosnian song (solo: Simon Slidders); part of a collaborative project with the Sarajevo-based choir, Pontanima, that took place in 2009.


This clip is from ‘The Ballad of Those Who Drink the Sun’ concert performed at the Union Chapel in July 2012. The cantata, composed by Sarah, is about the life and work of Turkey’s national poet Nazim Hikmet.

Night Blooming Cereus (solo: Jill Demilew)