How to Join Us



Songlines likes to encourage potential new members to sign up for an all day workshop. A ‘World Choir Day’ is the ideal introduction to our teaching style, repertoire and ethos. They are held thrice yearly at the beginning of each term. If you are unable to attend one of these, you could contact us and arrange to come along to one of our open evenings and join the regular members for a couple of hours.


Open evenings present a great opportunity to get a feel for what you can expect if you become a member. We do not hold auditions or use written music, so we do need you to have a trial session before you commit. They are fun, informal and free. If you enjoy the evening and would like to do more, we will sign you up for a half-term block.


The core of Songlines work is two weekly choir practices for the two different groups. We have singers with very different levels of skill, from the highly accomplished to the inexperienced but naturally musical! The simplest way of judging whether you’re up to it would be that if you’re confident that you can hold a tune, Sarah is confident that she can teach you to hold a harmony!


The larger mixed voice choir meets on a Tuesday from 6.45-9pm at The New Unity Hall, 277 Upper Street, N1. This choir can be very relaxed or very focussed, depending on the proximity to a gig. We have a wide range of skills and voices, from male sopranos to female tenors and everything in between…

The Wednesday Women’s Chamber Choir meets from 6.45-9.15pm at Harecourt United Reformed Church, 120 St. Pauls Road, N1 2LR. This group can be more challenging and tends to work at a faster pace on more complex material.

The two groups perform together at our big gigs and sing their own repertoire in the smaller events.


Whilst the choir is unusual in that it sometimes incorporates experimentation and spontaneity in its weekly sessions and residentials – we have an irregular but thriving Improvisation group – we shift up a gear to prepare the structured and polished pieces for our big gigs. It is therefore expected that members who have decided to commit to the choir after a short trial period will aim to come to every practice possible and try to make up classes that they have had to miss if occasionally life gets in the way of singing.

Our website has a members area for recordings of current songs and parts. Choir members are also expected to be able to record their own parts in class and to spend a bit of time each week learning lyrics and harmonies in preparation for performance.